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Wing Span of Mobile plan 40" (1mtr)
Plans size: A1 23" X 34" ( 594mm X 841mm )

Plan Prices: 
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Pelecanus conspicillatus

Found throughout Australia, mostly in flocks, frequenting estuaries of rivers, mud flats of the coast and rivers and lakes of inland areas. It has a waddling gait on land, but is a joy to watch them water ski as they land, as the take-off can be long and clumsy. Diet of fish and salt-and freshwater crustaceans. Breeding - season variable and strongly influenced by flood conditions.


Plans are fully detailed, the instructions are easy to follow and explain every stage of construction with paint by numbers guide and colour key. Easy to understand detailed Suspension System and Balancing Diagrams!

Materials needed to build your mobile are listed on each plan.
All plans new designs for 2009!

Large wingspans, give these Unique Australian Bird Mobile, a realistic flying motion in the breeze.

They also make Great unique Gifts for woodworkers and non-woodworkers alike these plans are only available from this site. All plans ordered are sent via
Australia Post within 24 hours of payment!

We can mail the plans anywhere you choose in the world!
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