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All plans are brand new designs 

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Mobile Plans
You will learn how to make these beautiful mobiles.
Just trace the full-sized patterns onto timber
Easy to follow instructions and great fun to make you will amaze your friends!
Great extra personal income from the popular finished mobiles.


Your plans are fully detailed, the instructions  explain every stage of construction with paint by numbers guide and colour key. Easy to understand  Suspension System and Balancing Diagrams!

Materials list of what you need to buy to build your mobiles.

Large wingspans, give these Unique Bird Mobiles, a realistic flying motion in the breeze. 
( See video below )


Click on a picture of my daughter Nikita aged 4 1/2 with her favourite Major Mitchell
Please click your back button when your finished!

Give you an idea of there size (and show off my girl)

nikita_bird.jpg (29018 bytes)

Coming soon " The American Bald Eagle", "Macaw", "Toucan", "Owl",
Selection of "Sea Birds".
 If you would like to see your favourite bird put to mobile plans,
please contact me and if enough people agree with you I will create them.
We are aiming to remain the biggest bird mobile plan site on line.

Please click on one of the birds names below for a picture & more information


Gang Gang

Major Mitchell
 Grassland Parrot
King Parrot
Palm Cockatoo
Eclectus Parrot



Rainbow Lorikeet

Pink Flying Pig

Yellow and Red Tailed Black Cockatoo

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo 


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Click here to see a Video of our Kookaburra flying mobile
Video size 140kb)
This is just to give you an idea of how they fly in the breeze.
There are a family of  Kookaburra's living in the trees just outside
my office and I managed to record there song when they 
were in full voice (noisy guy's).

Plan Size A1  23" x 34"  ( 594mm X 841mm ) Imperial & Metric measurements on all plans
3 Birds on each plan !
Forest Kingfisher and Rainbow Lorikeet are FREE on each plan!

Please click on the F.A.Q's to see colour key and sample plan 


You can also check us out through our Australian Business Number.
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  Australian Business Number: 21 321 844 617

May I take this opportunity to thank you for the speedy delivery of the plans I ordered, it took about 
5 days, not bad from Australia to the USA.
I had great pleasure in being able to fully understand the lay out and clarity of your instructions, for a
 novice such as myself.
Also if it does not offend you, thank you for phoning me from OZ to explain what I had ordered and the
mistake I had made, you also promptly returned my over payment, to my great surprise.
I will contact you once I have had a chance to construct some of the plans, and also let you know the
reaction of neighbours and work colleagues.
many thanks
Wally Carlile
Martinsburg, WV

Dear Dany,
I can't believe peoples reaction to my finished Birds and I say birds because they come to life in the breeze.
You guy's sure got it right with the designs & paint codes and ease of construction, the best money I have
spent on my woodworking projects ever.
Thank you very much Dan.
David White
Pittsburgh PA

Dear Dan, 
I have made all of your old series of flying mobiles  and have started  doing your new series.
I think the new series is great. I like the smaller birds as well it gives you the chance to use up
 your smaller pieces of wood.
The patterns are so easy to follow and watching me has caused my 10 year old daughter
to become creative and make some as well. 
I look forward to in the future getting some more plans of the new series and having many
more hours of enjoyment making them.
Kind Regards.
Karin Anderton.  
Ravensthorpe,  Western Australia.

Yeh you were right they sell like hot cakes at the flea markets I have to many orders and people
asking all about the birds where they came from how beautiful they are people love em'.
They are outselling my usual stock it is quite something.
Thanks a million.
Dale Stevens
San Francisco

 Dear Dany,

I am a grade six teacher at Monbulk Primary School in Victoria,

earlier this year while doing an environmental theme I was looking for ideas and

chanced upon your site and thought that the bird mobiles would be a good

technology activity for the grade to try. I purchased five plans of birds native to this

area and with the help of some parents each student began to make their own bird.

Eventually after about  five months they were all completed, just in time for the end

of the school year. The kids really enjoyed this activity and were very pleased with

the finished birds. They would all like to thank you and I have included some

pictures we took of the grade with their birds. Feel free to use them for promotion if

you wish.

Thank you,

John DeCoite

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